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The Groupe Beaudet. Seven Clubs in One!

The Groupe Beaudet, the leading group of golf clubs in Québec, gives you access to 153 holes of golf, each more beautiful than the last. Discover their distinctive charms. Love at first sight, guaranteed!


Le Lachute

Holes: 2 X 18

Yards: 6266-6417

Pars: 72/73-72

Le St-André

Holes: 3 X 9

Yards: 2974-3044-3081

Pars: 35-36-36

Le Chantecler

Holes: 18

Yards: 5885

Pars: 70-72

 Now including our latest acquisition Le Ste-Rose in Laval

Le Victorien

Holes: 18

Yards: 6115

Par: 73

Le Riviera

Holes: 18

Yards: 5834

Par: 71

Les Îles

Holes: 18

Yards: 5720

Par: 70


The grass is always greener on our seven courses!


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